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= Nonfiction on Many Subjects =

Books and Articles by John T. Cullen. As the following list shows, I am a journalist and essayist by education and professional training. I love investigating topics in history and science that fascinate me and I think will be interesting to many readers. Here is a partial list, including dedicated websites. I've written at least two major political thrillers (fiction with a message).

More To Come. These are just the highlights. I am working on articles about history and science that will knock your socks off. I promise.

Political Satire & Commentary 2017. Note (cover image at right) that my current passion includes political satire and commentary in the age of Donald Trump (Reaganism at last gone totally insane). Visit the Brainxit site. First Brexit, then Brainxit.

Coronado Mystery. The 1892 true crime story and subsequent famous ghost legend is one of my nonfiction investigations. Three books resulted from my work:

  1. Dead Move: Kate Morgan and the Haunting Mystery of Coronado (nonfiction);
  2. Lethal Journey (fiction) a noir period novel closely based Dead Move;
  3. Coronado Mystery (duet) Two books in one: Dead Move and Lethal Journey.

For more info about the 1892 true crime, visit Coronado Mystery (website).

The Vanishing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. It is one of modern aviation's most puzzling mysteries. I felt motivated to tackle the questions surrounding this enigma. I keep all possibilities on the table, but stress the often overlooked aspects of a deliberate foreign intelligence operation, made to look like a simple fanatical terror act. My Lemma 3: the failed mission was intended to fly MH370 to Africa, weaponize it, and drop it on a prime European or Israeli target as a reprise or worse of 9/11. Visit my special dedicated website for more info on MH370/Lemma 3 (option: Africa Gambit).

Active Member ITW. John T. Cullen is an Active Member of the International Thriller Writers organization. Example: YANAPOP (Nov. 2016). Also see Autumn of the Republic or CON2: The Generals of October.

John T. Cullen, writer of thriller novels, is an Active Member of ITW, and Clocktower Books is a recognized publisherJohn T. Cullen, writer of thriller novels, is an Active Member of ITW, and Clocktower Books is a recognized publisher